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Men's Recovery Groups:

Starting & Maintaining Recovery from Sexual Addiction



This is an on-going group for men in recovery from sexual or pornography addiction.  This group is structured so that individuals move through phases of treatment within the group.  Typically, individuals within the same group are working on different phases of their treatment. Groups are gender specific.



The initial phase of the Recovery Group helps individuals to successfully start their recovery and establish sobriety.  

The initial focus is on:

  • Developing tools to build recovery

  • Establishing sobriety

  • Identifying behaviors that give power to the addiction

  • Identifying situations and patterns that undermine recovery



 Next, the Recovery Group helps individuals to continue their recovery process and maintain sobriety.

 The focus is on:

  • Providing skills and concepts to support recovery and sobriety

  • Uncovering the underlying issues that have been feeding the addiction

  • Understanding how the addiction mirrors underlying wounds

  • Developing empathy for those damaged by the addiction and preparing to make amends

  • Developing competence for sobriety



Then the Recovery Group continues to develop and maintain the tools, routines, and neurological changes that support sobriety.  Members identify, address, and work to heal from the factors driving the addiction.  This group supports members in developing and maintaining healthy balance in all aspects of their lives.



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